Top 5 Netflix Binge Crushes of 2015

Now that we are a week into 2016, how many times have you made the number five into a six? Hands up. I’m guilty. High-five, sister.

Speaking of guilty, I thought I’d start off 2016 NOT with a list of highlights from 2015 or Top 10 New Year’s resolutions, but instead a look back at my guilty pleasure – swooning over my favorite guys to binge watch on Netflix.

Having pulled the plug on cable before Don Draper took his last drag, I’ve been binge watching Netflix series after series all year long. I adore Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries set in Australia in the 1920’s. My mom turned me on to The Time in Between and then there’s of course, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

But today, I’m going to highlight the man candy that makes the following shows worth watching. You may recognize a few as my #MCM. And, fellas – no need to feel left out. I’ve heard quite a few guys admit having a “man crush” on these leading men:

1. Jax Teller, Sons of Anarchy
(7 Seasons 2008-2014)


I realize I am sooooo late to this party, but “Jackie Boy” is definitely at the top of my list. Considering I just wrapped all seven seasons, I am having MAJOR Jax withdrawal. SOA is not for the faint of heart since it’s crazy violent but Jax’s swagger, smile, earnest promises and those love-making scenes (you know the ones, ladies!) make that “endgame” so worth all the blood, brother. Who thought plaid flannels, white trainers and a leather “cutte” on a Harley could look so good?

2. Tommy Shelby, Peaky Blinders
(2 Seasons / (2014 Netflix launch) / Season 3 is forthcoming)


A gangster drama set in 1919 Birmingham, England with Tommy Shelby as the brooding leader of The Peaky Blinders, named for the razor blades they’ve sewn into the peaks of their caps. With his entrancing pale blue eyes, Tommy can go from tender to terrifying in an instant. Blast furnaces’ crimson fire mixed with working class grit, the air rings with the sound of metal and an amazing modern soundtrack with the likes of The White Stripes and Nick Cave. Cillian Muphy (Shelby’s) performance in the Season 2 finale was one of the best I’ve seen in recent years.

3. Cullen Bohannon, Hell on Wheels
(4 Seasons (2011 Netflix launch) / Season 5 launches July 2016)


Hell on Wheels looks at the institutionalized greed and corruption behind the building of the Transcontinental Railroad in the Wild West post Civil War. Cullen, rugged and dashing in his leather vests and over-grown beard, is a mysterious Rebel soldier hell-bent on revenge for the murder of his wife. Fact meets fiction in this Western tale.

4. Julio Olmedo, The Grand Hotel
(3 Seasons / 2011-2013)


Dubbed the “Spanish Downton Abbey,” and set in the early 1900‘s, Julio arrives at the Grand Hotel to investigate the disappearance of his sister. He gets a job as a waiter and falls in love with the owner of the hotel’s daughter. They begin a dangerous affair while she helps him uncover the truth about his sister and the secrets and mysteries hidden inside the Grand Hotel.

5. Walt Longmire, Longmire
(3 Seasons / 4th Season forthcoming)


My parent’s favorite, Longmire certainly grew on me after they convinced us to at least watch one espisode. We were hooked. Walt Longmire is the old-fashioned charismatic, dedicated sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. He’s like your uncle – but kind of hot. Recently widowed, Longmire is a man in psychic repair that buries his pain behind a brave face and dry wit while keeping his county safe.

Happy Swooning, ladies!




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