Looking back at That 70’s (Gucci) Show from Swinging London
Model Caroline Simpson takes a graceful spill while modeling on roller skates at That 70’s (FASHION) Show presented by Simply Noelle & produced by Jess James May 12th at Scooters Roller Rink Shannon Dunne, Amy Hammond, Jess James, Carly Forman, Kirsten Gravely   It’s exactly one week past the fashion show I’ve been envisioning the past five months – That 70‘s (FASHION) Show inspired by Gucci S/S 2016. I spent the next few days returning clothing from the show, organizing the pre-show choas left in the wake of Shannon and I’s marathon styling session and back-to-back closet consults with new...
Style Story: It all started with a Vintage Lavender Dress
Photography: Ethan Gaskill Styling: Jess James Wardrobe: Style Girl Vintage Makeup: Tess Wheatley Cash Hair: Elizabeth Peterson at Blush Model: Hannah Johnston It all started with a muted lilac dress in bloom with the palest pink roses. It has the demure charm of a 1930’s dress – from the midi length to the pleated peplum and the delicate, romantic print. When I gave her a new home inside the lavender walls of the Style Girl Vintage showroom, I sent a photo to Photographer Ethan Gaskill letting him know I may have found the dress to inspire the collaborative shoot we...
Summertime – Raise your hand if you need a new swimsuit!
Swimsuit season has arrived! Even though I haven’t spent much time with the sand between my toes this summer (YET), my thoughts are moving to the sea with each waning June day signaling that summer indeed has arrived. I recently styled the cover and swimsuit fashion spread in Focus on the Coast (see below) with Photographer Eric von Bargen writing the following intro – “Surrounded – in the silence of sand, feel the rythmic whisper of the sea. The movement of the falling wave, the breeze at your back, and salt kiss on your skin. It’s summer beckoning us once...
Vintage Eye Candy – the bee’s knees from Charleston + Richmond, VA
Selfie from 1929 at The Bolling Haxall House in Richmond, VA Hello, my lovelies! This week I am bringing you some vintage eye candy from the Jazz Age Preservation Ball Joel and I attended in Richmond, VA and the Fashion Flashback opening at The Charleston Museum I recently attended with some of my favorite vintage-loving gals. I hope you have a chance to take a step back in time sometime soon. Like Gatsby says, “Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can!” xo Jess     THIS SATURDAY ONLY! Book Your Makeup Appointment with a Trish McEvoy International Artist...
Sneak Peek at Local Fashion inspired by Art + TGIF! xo
Model Kelly Tada wearing a look from Lula Balou inspired by a piece of art from the State of the Art exhibit at the Cameron Art Museum for the Fall Fashion Preview Art: Susan Harris / Photography + Edit: Ethan Gaskill Hope your Friday is going better than mine! Wanted to give you a sneak peek at what I’ve been working on with Photographer Ethan Gaskill and Hannah, Amber, Ramsey and Maari at Beauty Bar and our gorgeous models Lauren and Kelly leading up to the 7th annual Fall Fashion Preview presented by Wilmington Dermatology Center. Before the big event...
Style Girl shares one of her favorite secret vintage haunts
One of my favorite vintage haunts on Castle Street I’m going to let you in on a secret. Some of you may already be in-the-know but I have a feeling quite a few of my lovely readers have yet to discover Francine’s Castle & Cottage Antiques on Castle Street. I found my way into Francine and her husband Jim’s first shop on Castle Street shortly after I moved to Wilmington nine years ago. I recognized right away that we shared a common bond – a nostalgia and love for treasures from the past. Francine inside her shop, Castle & Cottage...
Art Inspiring Fashion @ Fall Preview Oct 28 + Gatsby Photo Link
Image selected for the 7th annual Fall Fashion Preview event presented by Wilmington Dermatology Center Mark Your Calendar: Tuesday Oct 28th at CAM Photo: Ben Minor I might have come down with Gatsby fever the past few months (MORE Gatsby event photos and Bella Rose photo link is below), but you didn’t think I forgot the Fashion Preview, did you? Never! I’m excited to announce that Dr. Rosalyn George of Wilmington Dermatology Center and I are headed back to the Cameron Art Museum Tuesday October 28th for the 7th annual Fall Fashion Preview. This time around, fashion + art will...
Triple Threat Art Show Style + Secret Hidden Talents Revealed
Featured artist Sullivan Anlyan last night at the Triple Threat art opening at Annex TRIPLE THREAT Art Opening at Annex I recently re-read David Bowie’s Proust questionnaire in Vanity Fair circa 2009 via Brain Pickings, Joel’s “favorite newsletter after the Fashion Fix.” His answers, at the same time cheeky and profound, shed light on his greatest fear – “converting kilometers to miles” – and his greatest regret, “never wearing bellbottoms.” But his answer that made me laugh out loud was his response to, “What is the quality you most like in a woman?” To this, David Bowie replied, “The ability...
Makeovers Revealed at Fall Fashion Preview + Fall Trends Checklist
One of my favorite highlights from last Saturday’s Fall Fashion Preview presented by Wilmington Dermatology Center was arriving at Blue Hand Home and seeing the fantastic results of Steve Ward ‘s magic scissors! BEFORE + AFTER: Lauren Corbett was our designated “Makeover Model” who signed up for a “major change” and left her hair’s fate in Steve’s hands.   INSPIRATION Steve’s inspiration for Lauren’s cut came from my favorite cut/campaign this season featuring Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton. Ironically enough, Michelle herself was in town this weekend for the first time in 10 years showing off “Capeside” to her daugther,...
Meet the Models for Saturday’s Fall Fashion Preview + Social Chic
We are appraoching my first-ever event on a Saturday night this weekend. I’m ready for a party. How about it, Wilmington? This will be our third Fall Fashion Preview presented by Wilmington Dermatology Center at Blue Hand Home and we have a few new moves in store. Most importantly, this is a community-based event that brings together women (and men! We even have our first male model this year) of all ages to empower creative expression and to prove you really can “make (the trends) work” for at any age. Wondering who you will see on the runway this time?...
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