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Cocktails & Conversations Revisited – Memory Lane
Joel behind the bar at The Astral Plane in Philadelphia “Hi, how are you? It’s so nice to see you.” No, that isn’t quite right. “Hhhhiiiii, how are yooouuuu? It is soOo nice to see you!” When you arrive at the Astral Plane, Reed’s greeting is the band and the spotlight of your arrival. Still, words on a page fail to express the true impact of the proprietor’s welcome. Consider this: you walk into a restaurant and your first encounter is typically with a young hostess, who, after smilig and offering her polite greeting, escorts you to your designated table...
Rose Gold Emerald Ring
Co-designing a new ring & friendship with Melissa Tyson
My rose gold raw emerald custom designed ring by Jewelry Designer Melissa Tyson You know when you meet someone for the first time and you just instinctively like them? I mean, genuinely LIKE them as in wanting them to be a part of your girl tribe, like STAT. That’s how it is when you meet local metalsmith and jewelry designer Melissa Tyson. With her warm, inviting smile, quick laugh, vivacious curly dark mane and one of her raw, sculptural rings on her well-manicured fingers, you’ll quickly find that Melissa is just as friendly and effervescent as she is talented. Having...
Style Girl in London
London Calling! Travel Diary from my birthday in England
My dad sent me this photo while I was in London. My 82-year-old English mum said, “How did you already get on one of the double decker buses?!” I celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago in London, at my home away from home. Till this day, I can still say studying abroad was one of the three best decisions I have ever made. It was a transformative experience at such a formative age. It challenged me to step outside my comfort zone, to let go of FOMO (“fear of missing out”), embrace adventure and the unknown and to harness...
Gucci Inspired Style Story + That 70’s (FASHION) Show
Photo: Bella Rose Photography Styling: Jess James Wardrobe: Style Girl Vintage As soon as I saw designer Alessandro Michele’s Spring/Summer collection for GUCCI, I was mesmerized by the lace, lurex knits, brocade, satin bomber jackets, geek chic accessories and an overall celebration of VINTAGE all wrapped up in a grosgrain bow. FINALLY, something in this what-comes-around-goes-around carousel ride called FASHION to be excited about (again). The quirky, eclectic styling, lush textures and 70’s disco darling meets sexy librarian had me hooked. One day after a particularly inspiring Gucci gush session with my friend Marthe, I had an idea. Instead of...
Garden Party Panache 2016: Who Wore it Best on the Green Carpet
It all begins with the hat at the Azalea Festival Garden PartyAlisa Coble, Cate Piech, Kristie Pate Another Azalea Festival Garden Party has come and gone. And, soon the azalea petals will fall. Before we spring ahead, I thought we’d take one last look at scenes from Friday’s “green carpet” coverage at Airlie Gardens. We started our day getting glam with Trish McEvoy artists at my friend Lisa Sledzik’s beautiful home. When the last lovely lady in our group was ready, we helped my friend Susannah, who is a Regional Director for Trish McEvoy and based in Charleston, get ready...
Adventures in Austin + Style Girl Vintage turns 1 this Friday
Adventures in Austin My first visit to Austin was a spontaneous one in March 2012 with Gay Adair to take in some music during SXSW. One of my best friends (Helen Howell Priest) moved to Austin in July after spending 3 years in South Korea so it was only a matter of time for a return visit. One day, my friend Stella (who was temporarily living in Austin during my 2012 SX visit) called to see if I would be down for house/cat sitting at her friend’s condo in Austin in March. I am soooo there! Since Helen and I...
Bringing Bells & Whistles to the Cucalorus OSCARS Red Carpet
Photography: Jonathan Ward Styling: Jess James Wardrobe: Style Girl Vintage Makeup: Tess Wheatley Cash Hair: Emily Kantor of Groove Jet Model: Juliet Harvey The Oscars countdown is on and you still haven’t gotten an invite as Leo’s plus one? Dang. Well, all I know – even without seeing The Revenant – is that he better be going home with Oscar! The film biz may be down in Wilmywood, but lucky for us Cucalorus Film Festival is once again hosting their annual red carpet Oscars event at Screen Gems Studio Sunday February 28th at 7:30pm – and even adding a few...
Vintage Valentine Soiree Tonight at Style Girl Vintage
TONIGHT! Vintage Valentine Soiree @ Style Girl Vintage 6-9pm We are celebrating LOVE tonight at 21 Market Street (2nd floor). We have so much fun in store (see details below) – and of course, you’re invited! Please share the LOVE. Hope to see your beautiful faces. xo Jess   Vintage Valentine TINTYPE PORTRAITS Take home your very own Vintage Tintype Portrait from Harry Taylor Tintype Photography Photographer Harry Taylor is creating an amazing Vintage Valentine “Wall of Roses” backdrop in his studio across the hall (with the help of Floral Designer Kim Fisher). Tintypes are being offered for one night...
Style Story: It all started with a Vintage Lavender Dress
Photography: Ethan Gaskill Styling: Jess James Wardrobe: Style Girl Vintage Makeup: Tess Wheatley Cash Hair: Elizabeth Peterson at Blush Model: Hannah Johnston It all started with a muted lilac dress in bloom with the palest pink roses. It has the demure charm of a 1930’s dress – from the midi length to the pleated peplum and the delicate, romantic print. When I gave her a new home inside the lavender walls of the Style Girl Vintage showroom, I sent a photo to Photographer Ethan Gaskill letting him know I may have found the dress to inspire the collaborative shoot we...
A Second Time Around says “Goodbye” to Downtown Wilmington
Meredith McCahan, owner of A Second Time Around Whenever I pass the colorful sale racks brimming with vintage in front of A Second Time Around at 143 North Front Street, I start to smile. I make my way through the glass door. The bell chimes and I hear a familiar voice greeting me. I see the top of head and an enthusiastic hand waving behind another pile of vintage, and I immediately feel the familar wave of anticipation before the thrill of the hunt begins. For someone who loves vintage as much as I do, walking through the doors of...
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