Adventures in Austin + Style Girl Vintage turns 1 this Friday
Adventures in Austin My first visit to Austin was a spontaneous one in March 2012 with Gay Adair to take in some music during SXSW. One of my best friends (Helen Howell Priest) moved to Austin in July after spending 3 years in South Korea so it was only a matter of time for a return visit. One day, my friend Stella (who was temporarily living in Austin during my 2012 SX visit) called to see if I would be down for house/cat sitting at her friend’s condo in Austin in March. I am soooo there! Since Helen and I...
A Second Time Around says “Goodbye” to Downtown Wilmington
Meredith McCahan, owner of A Second Time Around Whenever I pass the colorful sale racks brimming with vintage in front of A Second Time Around at 143 North Front Street, I start to smile. I make my way through the glass door. The bell chimes and I hear a familiar voice greeting me. I see the top of head and an enthusiastic hand waving behind another pile of vintage, and I immediately feel the familar wave of anticipation before the thrill of the hunt begins. For someone who loves vintage as much as I do, walking through the doors of...
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Transformative Trip to San Fran – Day 1 / Happy Garden Party!
San Francisco LOVE. So last Friday I set off for the trip of my dreams to San Francisco. It’s still kind of a secret so I can’t divulge everything quite yet, dear readers but I’m hoping to share with you some of my experiences over the next few weeks. Let’s just say I have a team of magical travel fairies that reside at the corporate headquarters of Airbnb in San Francisco (which all started with my amazing friend Stella, who is an Airbnb-er based in Charleston). It was five days of mystery, surprise, inspiration, new experiences and new friends. I...
Front Row Coverage from Puerto Rico Fashion Week with Trish McEvoy
With Roxanna and Susannah of Trish McEvoy at Puerto Rico Fashion Week Hola! I’m back from Puerto Rico and it was just as dreamy as Susannah promised. Last week, I drove to Charleston to connect with Angharad, the Media Director for Charleston Fashion Week. I brought her a few options from Style Girl Vintage and was excited to hear she ended up wearing a blue polka dot dress to the luncheon with Fern Mallis (creator of New York Fashion Week). Before taking in the finale evening of the 8th Charleston Fashion Week I joined the Trish McEvoy makeup team to...
Sharing my Checklist for my 8th Charleston Fashion Week
2013 Winning Emerging Designer Afriyie’s show kicking off the first night at Charleston Fashion Week 2014. (Photo: Leigh Moose of Side Yard Studios) You might be hard pressed to find another person (besides this Style Girl) who has attended every night at Charleston Fashion Week since its inception eight years ago (ok, MAYBE Chelsie Ravenell. But, that’s a maybe.) Back then, guests were more likely to wear a gingham sundress than Gucci and a”blog” was just a buzz word, perhaps a passing phase for people who liked to spend a little too much time in front of their computers. My,...
Year in Review, Hello, 2015 and Love for Swifty
In the holidaze leading up to New Year’s day, I stumbled across this lovely postcard (above) from Cape Fear Antiques. It’s the only shop of interest I can easily walk to from my house so every so often I take a peek at their jewelry cases, carefully taking in each bejeweled brooch, antique belt buckle and clip-on earrings you could find in Betty Draper’s jewelry box, always in search of an elusive deco trinket. I most recently discovered a 1920’s era bracelet with gold deco detailing. The only clue of its origin – a mysterious “C High School” printed in...
Finding Holiday Magic in NYC – Art Opening, Winter Ball + foxes
Jess and Joel doing some holiday shopping at Jonathan Adler in NYC Every two years one of our dear friends, the talented painter Brad Kunkle, hosts a solo exhibition at the Arcadia Contemporary gallery in Soho. Last Thursday marked Brad’s third solo show and also the third time we have made the journey to NYC to attend. It’s not everyday you have the chance to celebrate your friend’s talent and see their dreams come true right before your eyes. Originally slated for December 20th, we figured we would be up north for the holidays anyway, but we decided to make...
What every BUNNY in Wilmington should have on their X-mas List
Local painter Sullivan Anlyan gilded bunnyfor Anthropologie Just this Wednesday, local painter Sullivan Anlyan’s signature gilded bunnies made the hop from canvas to cotton on Sully’s prints had already found a home with Anthropologie several months back but seeing her work displayed on a model wearing the “Shimmered Conversation Tee” on the Anthro website for the first time, she admitted (via Instagram) “I am so excited, I think my head might explode!!!” Porridge Clothing developed the shirt through Anthropologie’s Artist Collaboration program. Sully was familiar with Porridge since she already owned a horse print top they produced with Anthropologie....
NOT your neighbor’s Holiday Portraits + Black Friday STEALS
Vintage-inspired Holiday Portrait styled by James + Dunne featuring client Lisa Sledzik and husband Dave Photography: Ethan Gaskill Before we get into the best Black Friday deals and steals, I wanted to share a response to last week’s Fashion Fix from Realtor Lisa Sledzik: “I just read your Fashion Fix, and I may have a bit of a wild hair. I was going to skip Christmas cards (yes!) this year as my kids are older (24 and 18), and the younger one is in Denver for school. Then I saw your holiday card photo shoot ad and thought maybe that...
Shop Talk: Celebrating 20 years with Airlie Moon
Julie Robinson, owner of Airlie Moon, at Airlie Moon’s 20th birthday party last night Sometimes it’s the businesses who have been around the longest that tend to slip to the back of your mind, but that’s not the case with Airlie Moon. Even after 20 years in Wilmington, a mere glimpse of their sea glass hued treasures through their storefront window at Lumina Station is enough to make your heart flutter. When I asked owner Julie Robinson what it feels like to reach the 20-year benchmark the day before the store’s 20th birthday party (last night), she admits, “Surprising! Not...
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