Style Profile with Meadowlark + Grand Opening Party this Friday

Kendall Hurt, owner of the new Meadowlark Shop at The Forum
(wearing Stella Carakasi rayon gaucho pants)

There’s a lots of talk about “tweeting” in the world right now but there’s
a new bird in town that I know you’re going to like.

Join me this Friday evening from 6-9pm at the grand opening celebration of the beautiful Meadowlark Shop at The Forum. But first, get to know Kendall Hurt, the woman who makes Meadowlark sing:

ff: What is the story behind your shop name, Meadowlark?

“The Meadowlark name is inspired by my mother. We were very, very close. She passed away in December 2009 from early Alzheimer’s while I was living in the mountains of Virginia. That January, I would wake to the sound of a songbird every single morning. I thought it was odd especially since song birds typically migrate. Then, I wouldn’t hear her for weeks but whenever something stressful or importaant came up, sure enough, I’d hear her song. I began to say, ‘Hey, Mom” whenever I heard her. For a long time I could only hear her but never saw her. Finally, in the third year, I was able to see the bird in all its glory. That’s when I figured out that she was a Meadowlark.”


ff: Please share with us your background / experience in retail.

“I’ve always been in retail but many different facets. Most recently, I worked for a Fortune 500 company, opening over 100 stores a year from construction to merchandising.”

ff: What brought you to Wilmington?

“Truly, divorce. I wanted to leave Roanoke and start over, to leave the mountains for the ocean. Wilmington met all my criteria for staying on the East Coast. I was also really ready to leave corporate America. I was at a place where I wanted to take a deep look inside of myself and figure out what is going to feed me and best take care of my soul. That’s where the journey started. I came for 24 hours this past July 4th to make sure it was a soul match.”

ff: When did you become interested in fashion?

“I actually grew up a tomboy. I couldn’t be bothered with clothes and makeup. As I got older, I became more interested in it as my friends opened that door for me. Tim Gunn and the What Not to Wear folks honestly taught me quite a bit as well. I realized I liked giving myself attention in this way. I was also making more money, so it all kind of came together. In time, I truly became a seeker of beauty – that’s why God put me here.”


ff: What made you choose The Forum?

“In retail real estate, I learned a lot along the way. It seemed a no brainer since my customer is there. The Forum also has a fantastic tenant mix. I figured it was a good place to be discovered.”


ff: How would you describe the aesthetic of the lines you carry?

Updated classics. Fun and artful. Easily styled. Elegance with an edge.”


ff: What are your favorite styles/trends in your shop that you are loving right now?

“Suedes, leathers and hides. I’m also digging the brighter colors for Spring.”


ff: Please share with us the best advice you’ve given or received.

“Be yourself.”


ff: What celebrity could you see shopping at Meadowlark?

“Jennifer Connelly or Gwyneth Paltrow.”

ff: What styles have your customers responded to most since you opened?

“The ladies love the tunics. A lot of my customers appreciate that extra length. They are happy about the size range as well (sizes 2-14). I’ve been thrilled that they really appreciate good fabrics too since that’s so important to me. I gotta touch everything to make sure it feels as good as it looks!”


ff: What sources of inspiration do you look to when buying for the shop?

“There’s a certain kick that happens inside of me. It’s like a meter of excitement that is kind of instinctual. I find I keep my friends in mind as well as myself – ‘What do I love? What do I want to wear?’ My friends are all different sizes & styles so that helps with variety. They are great examples of every woman.”


ff: Who is your style icon?

“My grandmother, the late Betty Jo Martin, and Lauren Hutton.”

ff: What is your favorite styling tip for making you feel your best?

“Taking the time to pull my wardrobe together for the week on Sundays and being ready to hit the nail on the head everyday. Secondly, I’d say proportion, which plays a big role in choosing the right pieces.”


ff: Tell us a little about the band – the Gypsy Jazz trio Swing Shifters – that is playing at your grand opening party.

“Wes Chappell, who I knew from Roanake, Hank Blanton, Roger Cook – all local. Bass, guitar and mandolin and fiddle. Fun, upbeat, easy-t0-the-ear jazz.”

ff: What are you most looking forward to regarding Friday’s celebration?

“Seeing my customers and reconnecting. Really, just being social and having fun.”




Meadowlark Grand Opening
@ The Forum


One of Wilmington’s newest contemporary boutiques Meadowlark Shop at The Forum
is hosting a Grand Opening Soiree and You’re Invited!

Joel Finsel of Astral Craft Cocktails will be serving drinks, light bites from Pembroke’s
and live music by the Gypsy Jazz trio Swing Shifters.



Exciting giveaways (follow the Meadowlark FB page for full details on prizes!)
Plus, 25% off the entire store during the party.
And, who said there’ nothing FUN to do in January?!

WHEN: Friday January 27th (6-9pm)
WHERE: Meadowlark at The Forum



Follow Meadowlark on Instagram (meadowlark_shop)
and Facebook for details on how to win these
lovely pieces + more leading up to & at the event.








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Photo: Leslie Koehn


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