SHOP IT: Candy Shop Vintage finds sweet spot in Wilmington

Signature pieces from Candy Shop Vintage’s latest Far East Collection

Thanksgiving is still a week away but I know I’ve got plenty to be thankful for. Not only do I have Thanksgiving plans that involve a striptease (pass the turkey!), but I am hosting one of my best friends Deirdre Zahl, who will be in town from Charleston for her very first Candy Shop Vintage trunk show at Ziabird Black Friday November 28 (10am-4pm) and Small Business Saturday November 29th (Noon-3pm).

Lynn Manock, the owner of Ziabird, started carrying Candy Shop Vintage over a year ago, shortly after Deirdre launched her first collection of jewelry she designed inspired by her love of vintage jewelry. Her Egyptian chokers and Elephants on Parade necklaces found success at Ziabird, but its her Charleston Rice Beads that continue to sell like hot cakes.

Candy Shop Vintage’s new linen cocktail napkins designed in
collaboration with Lettermade along with a strand of
Charleston Rice Beads and her gold elephant earrings.


Lynn says, “The rice beads are so popular because they are beautifully plated in a variety of finishes from rose gold to shiny silver to bright or antiqued gold with an occasional pop of enameled color. This diversity allows women to find a color that suits their taste. Also, you can wear the strand long, doubled, tripled… even as a bracelet. And, they layer well with other jewelry! What more can you ask of a necklace?!”

As for Deirdre, she thinks the rice beads have hit a sweet spot due to both their versatile design – “they go with everything and can easily layer with other jewelry, and the romance and appeal of Charleston, which is really having a moment right now.”

I’d say Candy Shop Vintage is having a bit of a moment itself that is more than just a sugar rush. I recently headed to Charleston to celebrate the launch of Deirde’s latest Far East Collection with a trunk show at Hampden Clothing on King Street, where the wardrobe of my dreams rotates each season. To kick things up a notch, Deirde flew in one of the original hugely successful style bloggers Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes (from Dallas) to DJ the party.

Style Blogger Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes
styling her Charleston Rice Beads with a vintage tweed jacket

To see photos from the Hampden trunk show and read more on the
Far East Collection that will be unveiled at Ziabird next weekend,
read our Q&A below:


Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes with Deirdre Zahl and Jess James
at the Candy Shop Vintage Trunk Show at Hampden Clothing


ff: How did you become friendly with Jane of Sea of Shoes?
“Jane is a friend of my husband’s through the DJ world. They trade music a lot so I knew her first via him as a DJ and then started following her blog. I love how she has an appreciation of vintage and such a great eye for styling her vintage pieces in a modern way. It was so fun having her in Charleston and providing the music for us, which was great. People didn’t want to leave at the end of the night!”


ff: You said on your blog that “The original vintage piece (that inspired the Far East Collection) has Asian motifs on it, but felt adding stones was more interesting for a contemporary look and to give each piece a splash of color.
“What made you decide to go with the Asian symbolism (Lu / “prosperity”) for the necklace and earrings? Any personal significance?

“Actually, I consulted with my sister-in-law on this collection, who is Chinese and grew up in Hong Kong. I wanted there to be an element of the collection that referenced the original, Asian inspired motifs in the vintage piece but wanted it to be legible (in Chinese) and not just a cheesy or random Asian looking character that didn’t actually mean anything. She directed me to the “Fu Lu Shu” symbols that normally appear together and symbolize Happiness, Prosperity and Longevity (left to right). As these were going to be released just before the New Year, I thought Prosperity was an appropriate symbol to use – meaning not just financial prosperity, but success and abundance in all areas of your life. It also, from a design perspective, was the most interesting to me and the most symmetrical so it lent itself best to doubling as a decorative element.”


ff: Any fun plans for the Far East Collection for the Chinese New Year?
“Not for the Chinese New Year, but I do know that this year’s famous Met Ball in New York (hosted by VOGUE Magazine) is going to be called “Chinese Whispers” (for more details, Click Here) and will address the influence the Far East has had on fashion!”


ff: What do you most look forward to when you visit Wilmington?
“Eating at Manna, shopping at Lumina Station, and browsing all the funky vintage shops downtown and of course – the Gatsby Gala!”


ff: What is your favorite way to see this new collection styled?
“I design all my pieces so that they have the potential to be worn as sets, to stay true to the vintage jewelry I’ve collected and sold over the years. Sets were big, especially in the 50’s and 60’s – bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings that all complemented each other and even if they were sold separately, could be worn together. It kind of took the guesswork out of accessorizing. I think the choices now in terms of accessories are so overwhelming. It’s nice to offer people a little guidance if they want that option – in terms of buying things that go together. I love the combination of the big Breastplate Necklace with the delicate Lu necklace and tassel earrings.”
When asked to weigh in on her favorite piece from the Far East Collection, Lynn at Ziabird shared, “I love the long and light Lu tassel earrings. Anything with a bit of fringe gets my vote! I like symbols that have meaning like Deirdre’s use of the Lu, a Chinese symbol for prosperity, in the middle of the earring.”

Deirdre wearing the Breastplate Necklace, delicate Lu necklace
and the Lu Tassel earrings the night of the Hampden Trunk Show






Deirdre with Stacy Smallwood, owner of Hampden Clothing




The lovely Brooke Williams wearing a vintage necklace of her
grandmother’s with a strand of rose gold Charleston Rice Beads










Vintage baubles from Candy Shop Vintage


Hope to see Jane back in Charleston (or maybe Wilmington!) one day soon





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