One Statement Ring You Don’t Want to Miss / Trunk Show TODAY!
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Turquoise Shield Ring by Joie Jager of Soixante Neuf
Trunk Show at Ziabird – TODAY April 24 through Sunday April 26

My guess would be it was Jewelry Designer Joie Jager’s shield rings that first caught Ziabird owner Lynn Manock’s eye at market. There’s something about a statement ring that can be captivating. Try paying attention to someone who talks with their hands who happens to be wearing one of Joie’s shield rings from her Soixante Neuf line. Within minutes, you’ll be dying to ask, “Where did you get that?!”

Joie, a California girl whose work has been featured in Lucky, Elle and In Style, started designing jewelry in between acting gigs. After realizing she was having more jewelry sales than call-backs, she decided to pursue her jewelry full-time inspired by her bohemian lifestyle and travels.

Wilmington will have the chance to see her latest trend-setting designs at Ziabird’s Soixante Neuf Trunk Show this weekend starting today and running through Sunday April 26. Get to know Joie with our exclusive FASHION FIX Q&A below:

Joie Jager in Cape Town, South Africa


ff: Soixante Neuf is 69, correct? What is the story behind your brand?

“Yes, 69, is a “special” number as we all know (wink, wink) but it also has spiritual meaning as it is yin/yang. It’s ‘sexy.’ It’s anything you want it to be, but i was conceived in 1969 and also, my logo is the reversed yin/yang symbol.”

ff: Do you still do any acting?

“Not anymore professionally, but that’s not to say I still do not use my “skills” every now and then to get by.”


ff: Was there an incident or event that really pushed you towards jewelry design instead of acting?

“Yes, definitely. It was money! As an actor, you struggle immensely. One day you’re in a big movie or a huge nationwide commercial, then you’re out of work for a year and a half. The jewelry business came out of necessity. No one becomes an artist unless they have to, and then I realized I loved making and designing jewelry more, and so it took over. My real passion came through, actually made money and it never felt like work.”

ff: What would you say is your signature design element?

“Definitely the long shield rings. They put me on the map and started a trend for big long rings! Back in 2004 when they first came out, people didn’t get it. It took awhile to catch and then took over!”


ff: What other jewelry designers inspire you?

“I was never inspired by any other jewelry designers. Mostly, I am inspired by the stones and gem stone themselves.”

ff: Your jewelry looks best worn with ________?

“a bad-ass confident attitude!”

ff: In what direct ways has your travels inspired your work?

“Oh, immensely. My trip to Thailand and Bali in December 2004 was my greatest inspiration. I was there during the Tsunami. Living through that experience really took my designs to a whole different level. I love the ethnic designs, stones and colors inspired by their culture. Being there is pure magic.”


ff: Who do you think of when you are designing?

“Honestly, I design what I want to wear.”

ff: What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

“Definitely both the creative and business side to my line. It’s a roller coaster, but it’s fun!”

ff: You have had a number of high profile celebrities wearing your jewelry. How did they discover your line? What was it like seeing them in magazines wearing your work?

“Most of the celebrities who have been photographed in my jewelry have just bought the jewelry or it was given to them by a stylist. I guess you could say that I started off with a BANG because within the first week of putting my jewelry in a store in LA in the late 90’s, I had celebrities like Jewel and Cher buying it. It was such an honor, affirmation and a wonderful feeling to see everyone take to it right away!”


ff: What is your favorite style mantra?

“I started that trend.”

ff: Favorite Pandora station or CD to work to?

“Led Zeppelin, 1970’s rock and early 80’s New Wave/punk, Rolling Stones.”



+ Pound Fit (only available with Karson in Wilmington!)
Tuesday 6:35pm and Saturday 10:15am at BFAB Studio
Click above for more details.



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