Discovering Zartiques – My Latest Obsession

Treasure hunting at my new obsession – Zartiques – in Castle Hayne

A ninety-nine degree day, ladies in heat for a one-night-only swimsuit sample sale and my showroom’s A/C is down. What’s a girl to do?

The first person I thought of who just might have an industrial fan or portable air conditioner lying around is Mr. Allen Walker, the bohemian Gatsby behind the now not-so-hidden gem along the river, the Walker World Organic Artist Retreat.

New addition to Walker World


Alas, Allen did not disappoint. I dropped off our Jay Edge figure painting – the latest lady in Allen’s life – and Allen loaded my car with a portable A/C while packing his kids up for a trip to the mountains.

Since I was already out in Castle Hayne, I figured it was the perfect excuse to check out Zartiques, a warehouse rumored to be full of antiques at amazing prices. Three people had sang their praises to me the day of the Brooklyn Flea – Dawn of Decades of Decor who specializes in all things fabulous and mid-century and two Zartiques vendors: Emily of jewelry line “Chela,” whom I bought a beautiful handmade druzy necklace from and Val Fann, whose former vintage store I used to frequent and simply has amazing taste.

Beyond the soaring temperature inside and out, my pulse started to quicken as soon as I walked through the door. There was so much to see and so many things I just might not be able to live without. Joel will understand, righhhht?

Right away, I recognized the owner Raana Zarea behind the counter. When Dawn had introduced us at the FLEA, I was surprised and impressed to see such a young woman in her early 20’s as the owner and curator. Raana moved to the area almost three years ago from Durham to attend UNCW after transferring from Elon. With a penchant for all things ancient, she started working for Trash to Treasures, a similar business in the same building (“but more yard sales-y”). When the owner decided to sell the business the following year, Raana jumped on the opportunity to become an entrepreneur, putting UNCW on hold.


It’s now a family affair. “My family always had a strong appreciation for things that have history.Our home always had an eclectic cool mix.”

Raana’s dad spends a good amount of his time lifting furniture and helping customers, including me on my visit. Treasure hunting is something she and her mom share as well. She fondly recalls their Sunday tradition exploring junk shops and estate sales while she was growing up.

It appears all that picking has given Raana a keen eye for the business, which she says has definitely been up. Trash to Treasures worked with over 50 different vendors but Raana curated Zartiques to feature 16 vendors giving them more space to showcase their items, which “have proven to be really desirable.”

“Once we get people in here for the first time, they can’t stay away. (Full disclosure: I visited three times in two days!) We offer an eclectic mix – not just one style of furniture or one specific era. The merchandise changes constantly and we are able to move inventory really fast since the prices are so good.”

When asked about her favorite finds, Raana admits she spends all her money in the store. “Everything in my house I got from here or picks that didn’t even make it here.” One of her all-time favorite finds was a museum-worthy early 1800s railroad station desk in mint condition that was sold to Sleepy Hollow.

Although Raana has found working with the film industry as one of the most rewarding parts of her job, she feels fortunate that the decreased productions hasn’t devastated her business. “Luckily, we were at a boom period when we lost the incentive and honestly, we have never relied solely on film. We are lucky to have return customers to sustain us.”

There’s no doubt I am one of those newly devoted customers. I have a feeling you will be too. And, don’t forget to hit up Paul’s Place after working up an appetite for two hot dogs and a milkshake. All the way, baby.

Check out my Zartiques tour below. Happy treasure hunting! Headed to see Hozier. Can’t wait.



Val Fann’s booth (above)



Chela Jewelry


I adore these gorgeous quilts made from vintage Indian saris


This painting haunts me. I love it!







Ranna in the beautiful Threve Interiors booth.


Bon Appetit.


95 degree picking #ootd



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