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Top 5 Netflix Binge Crushes of 2015
Now that we are a week into 2016, how many times have you made the number five into a six? Hands up. I’m guilty. High-five, sister. Speaking of guilty, I thought I’d start off 2016 NOT with a list of highlights from 2015 or Top 10 New Year’s resolutions, but instead a look back at my guilty pleasure – swooning over my favorite guys to binge watch on Netflix. Having pulled the plug on cable before Don Draper took his last drag, I’ve been binge watching Netflix series after series all year long. I adore Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries set...
My favorite silver necklace gets a makeover with Lumina Gem
Old + New version of my silver statement necklace One of my favorite pieces of costume jewelry I own is a large modern silver statement necklace I found at A Second Time Around about four years ago. It transforms any basic shift dress and adds a little edge to a look that may be a tad too demure. People have stopped me on the street in New York City, Charleston and San Francisco to compliment this unique piece. One of my jewelry designer friends even toyed with the idea of re-creating it for her own line. I thought of this...
Shopping in Wilmington will Never be the Same – WHS Launch!
Announcing Wilmington High Street – book your very own customized shopping tour with host / personal shopper Jess James and a chauffeur with The British Taxi Photo: Bella Rose Photography Since the time I started writing the FASHION FIX, I began receiving emails from folks from Charleston or Columbia (who attended one of my Style Swap events) who had become intrigued by Wilmington through my designer and shop profiles, and coverage from the events I hosted or attended. “Wilmington looks so much fun! My friends and I have decided to take a weekend trip. Can you tell me where we...
Movers + Shakers debut with Hallelu + Win a WHS Shopping Tour
So excited & honored to be featured as the first in a series Hallelu Boutique recently launched called MOVERS & SHAKERS highlighting “girl boss” entrepreneurs. I interviewed Catherine 10 years ago for my Style Girl column in the Star-News shortly after I moved here and she opened her amazing boutique at Wrightsville Beach. We became fast friends and it’s been such a fun journey growing together. Now, the tables are turned. Since our interview and photo shoot in October, Catherine has also featured Hannah Milojevich, owner & head stylist at Beauty Bar Boutique (and little known fact, one of my...
Cue the popcorn. Countdown to Cucalorus: What to Watch
Throwback Cucalorus-themed photo shoot produced for the FASHION FIX with Photographer Melissa Hebert / Styled by Jess James featuring Style Girl Vintage (More from shoot below) I know there are folks living in Wilmington who have never attended a single film or event (boo, hiss!) at Cucalorus, the annual film festival held in Downtown Wilmington and heading into its 21st year THIS week: November 11-15. Considering Cucalorus was dubbed “one of the coolest film festivals in the world” by MovieMaker Magazine, it’s high time you get with the program my friends (if you haven’t already). There is a full schedule...
The Wait is Over. Open to see ILM’s 1st Gatsby Lawn Party Photos
Vanessa & Tully enjoying the reverie at Wilmington’s 1st Gatsby Lawn Party Photography: Lisa Brown of Bella Rose Photography When I posted a photo earlier this week on Facebook from Bella Rose’s coverage of Wilmington’s 1st Gatsby Lawn Party, Chef Lori Eaton commented: “I think that was one of the best parties I’ve been to in Wilmington. Fantastic event, from beginning to end!” It truly was a magical afternoon on Paula & Albert Corbett’s beautiful lawn. Thank you again to Kusek Financial Group, James Zisa Attorneys, The British Taxi, Lisa Brown of Bella Rose Photography, A Second Time Around, Elizabeth’s...
Who’s that Girl? Lady Mary – as a Blonde! + Gatsby Lawn Party TIME
Who’s That Girl? Could it be — Lady Mary as a blonde?! (Michelle Dockery filming Good Behavior in Downtown Wilmington) Photo: Jess James There is someting to the whole The SECRET philosophy – setting an intention and going confidently in that direction. The crazy thing is, if you continue to visualize “it” happening, a lot of times the universe actually does provide. On October 4th, I posted on Facebook that I had a dream that Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary of Downton Abbey who is in Wilmington filming a pilot) was relaxing on a blanket at the Gatsby Lawn Party. Shortly...
Fashion Editorial: What to Wear to the 1st Gatsby Lawn Party
Gatsby Lawn Party Fashion Editorial Photo: Bella Rose / Styling: Jess James Hair + Makeup: Beauty Bar Boutique As I write this into the wee hours of the morning, I can hear the rythmn of the rain streaming from the drainpipe now that I’ve finally given my new Netflix obsession Hell on Wheels a break (for now). I have a feeling we might all be indulging in a Netflix marathon (I recommend Peaky Blinders, Hell on Wheels & Longmire – in that order!) with Hurricane Joaquin beating a path to the coast. Rain for days and whipping wind? I say,...
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Finding “beaute” beyond sound in Tess’s world + Gatsby in Richmond
Makeup Artist Tess Wheatley Cash shares what it was like to lose her hearing, how she reconnected and why she supports the CARE Project (the 5th annual CARE Project Gala is this Saturday) Chances are you know Tess Wheatley Cash as the beautiful blonde makeup artist at BLUSH Haus of Beaute with a heart of gold. She may have done your makeup. Maybe you’ve seen her blushing at one of her husband Cliff’s comedy shows when someone recognizes the June to his Johnny. Or, perhaps she made your day a little brighter after she smiled at you at her friend...
Finding GATSBY on BHI + The White Party at SGV this Thursday
Zelda & Scott Fitzgerald vibes on the Bald Head Island Ferry headed to The Shoals Club GATSBY AFFAIR Just as Gatsby has yet to woo Daisy, this gal hasn’t tired of Gatsby’s parties quite yet. Sadly, the Jazz Age Lawn Party’s 10 year anniversary in NYC lost out to our Southern road trip adventures this summer, but we did have the pleasure of attending the Shoals Club’s GATSBY AFFAIR on Bald Head Island over Labor Day weekend. Come along with Joel and I as we relive our date night in 1925. The time travel started on the ferry to Bald...
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